About Me

Jacqui de Borja was born in the Bay Area, CA and currently calls Los Angeles home with her husband, baby, and two pups. She was a user experience designer for 11 years, and a pastry chef for 5. But ever since she can remember, she has filled every notebook with drawings and doodles, and has been hand lettering since the 3rd grade. 
If you know Jacqui in real life, you know she has a hard time keeping quiet, especially when someone isn't being treated with kindness, equality, and respect. With so much happening in the world today, Jacqui hopes her art can help raise awareness especially for BIPOC, womxn, and birthing people. 
Please don't hesitate to message me for any custom requests and collaborations - I'd love to work with you! Thank you for supporting my small business.

Wait, "Granddaughter Bakeshop"... is this a bakery or an art shop? 

Welllllll it used to be a bakery, and now it is an art shop! As a small business owner and a new mama during a pandemic, I had to make a big change - and it was time for me to get out of the kitchen.
Introducing Granddaughter Bakeshop [2.0] - for all things illustration, hand lettering, and design. Maybe it sounds a bit far from baking, but it is a culmination of much of my life’s work and passion. Fortunately all this time at home has finally given me the chance to focus on my art, and I'm so excited to share it with you. 

How'd it all start?

Granddaughter Bakeshop was inspired by two strong, generous, and creative grandmothers, Guadalupe and Leticia, who lived on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean. They taught their granddaughter that offering delicious food has the power to bring people together and make everyone’s day brighter. Granddaughter Bakeshop was honored to carry on that legacy, and started new traditions like supporting local farmers and milling our own flour for high-quality, handcrafted sweets and snacks.

Jacqui de Borja started Granddaughter promptly after the 2016 presidential election. As a womxn, as a person of color, as a child (and grandchild) of immigrants, she was feeling less than human. The day after the election, she went to the Santa Monica Farmers Market, her weekly happy place - and there was a heavy mood, everyone there also felt devastated. She met with her little group of market ladies, and as they hugged each other a little tighter that day, they all were asking ourselves, "What can we do?"  

A few days later, Granddaughter was born. Thanksgiving was around the corner, and Jacqui started making Pie Dough for Humanity. Handmade, frozen pie dough, already rolled and cut into rounds - ready for anyone to use in their own homemade pie to share with their loved ones. Proceeds were donated to the charity of the buyer's choice. "I help you make pie, you help out a charity, together we help make the world a sweeter place." Granddaughter raised hundreds of dollars in just a couple of weeks. Granddaughter evolved, and pie dough turned into Crookies. A portion of the proceeds continue to be donated to worthy causes in need.