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    Crookies: half pie crust, half cookie. Now delivering to Los Angeles.

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crook·key  |  /ˈkr-kē/

Crook, like a thief.

Key, to your heart.

Introducing CROOKIES

Half Pie Crust, Half Cookie

At Granddaughter Bakeshop, we firmly believe that the best part of pie is always the pie crust. In our home, our pies seem to be mysteriously missing chunks of crust from the outer rim. I blame it on the dog (sorry, girl).

Fair warning: Crookies are wildly addicting. We found the perfect technique that gets us that delicate layered flakiness of a quality pie crust or just baked croissant. Every bite-sized Crookie is handmade with premium ingredients and freshly baked into a perfect crisp. We hone and test (aka eat a ton of) Crookies to ensure every flavor is a refined take on the classics, and are the perfect balance of salty and sweet. Millions* of tissue paper thin layers of butter and Tehachapi whole grain shatter with every bite you take.

*Have not officially counted the number of layers

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Granddaughter Bakeshop

Granddaughter Bakeshop is inspired by two strong, generous, and creative grandmothers, Guadalupe and Leticia, who lived on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean. They taught their granddaughter that offering delicious food has the power to bring people together and make everyone’s day brighter. Granddaughter Bakeshop is honored to carry on that legacy, while also starting new traditions like supporting local farmers and milling our own flour. Take a bite (or ten) into our high-quality, handcrafted sweets and snacks for a more delightful day.

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